Plus Bowlingcenter

1170 Vienna
Beheimgasse 5 – 7
+43.1.405 63 20,

Plus Bowlingcenter

Plus Bowling Centre is a well-known bowling centre in the western part of Vienna and hosted already a lot of international events in the past 30 years.

The centre has a viewing capacity of 200 persons.

The restaurant will be open to serve all delegates and guests during the EYC 2019.

In one of the meeting rooms we will install the press room. There will also be a room for the championship technicians.

Plus Bowlingcenter

Technical specifications:

Number of lanes: 32
Lane approach: Synthetic Active DBA
Lane surface: Synthetic Active DBA
Pin decks: Synthetic Duratec DBA
Pin setters: Brunswick A 2
Pins: Twister white/red
Dressing equipment: Kegel
Lane conditioners: Kegel
Lane cleaner: Kegel
Score system: Qubica AMF